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Whether you are an internet roulette beginner or connoisseur, we have what you are looking for. Online roulette offers the chance of all of the high paced excitement that you can find in land based casinos right in the comfort of your home. You get tips and information for all the major variations of roulette, along with everything else to help you get right into the action. Check out our guides to the most popular roulette betting systems as well.

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Online Roulette and More

The previous owner of had this to say, before online roulette was available.

In later years we would visit the mob run las vegas roulette tables in little known casinos deep in the desert. Late at night we would start gambling, placing our chips carefully under the watchful eyes of the pit bosses. We called ourselves the roulettekids, and had business cards made up with the wheel and chips showing.

Though we were young, we weren’t stupid - we always set limits on booze and money lost and gained. Once in a while we barely es caped with the skin on our back as our New York buddy Nick was a real sharpie and could spot crooked roulette ga mes a mile away. As for the game odds we were playing, of course we went for european roulette due to the single zero giving better odds - about 2.6 percent versus 5,2 on double zero games. Once in a while we played the slots, as well as blackjack and poker.

But usually it was a short love affair, and back to the tables that got our juices flowing. As time went on, We would join funds to enter the early roulette tournaments in Atlantic City and Reno as well.